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When San Mar began over 100 years ago, it was a children’s home that cared for the most disadvantaged of youth. Over time their services have expanded to include building stronger and safer communities through outreach work; providing mental health treatment options for families, and foster care.

Client Needs

When San Mar originally approached DatAchieve Digital, they had multiple websites on different platforms for each of their programs. This made managing the sites and maintaining a consistent brand difficult. The organization wanted a clean, updated design for the primary San Mar website that was easy for visitors to navigate and for busy staff to manage. It was also important to develop a style that could then be applied across each of their sites.

Client Solution

DatAchieve Digital developed a new built on the WordPress platform, and a theme that would provide a unified look and feel for San Mar name while still differentiating their services. The sites include complete content management, email marketing tools, donation and volunteer forms, and automated publishing of news posts to social media and the organization’s email list.

A Hub for Families and the Community

The San Mar Family and Community Services website provides access to resources for children and families in need and encourages community participation through volunteering and donations.

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