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The Maryland Symphony Orchestra (MSO), a professional orchestra and well-known cultural institution in Western Maryland, engaged DatAchieve Digital to redevelop their website. The previous site posed challenges in content management and no longer effectively reflected the vibrant and dynamic nature of MSO’s offerings or support their strategic goals.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, crafted by the talented team at DatAchieve Digital!” ~ Maryland Symphony Orchestra

Client Needs

The MSO wanted to enhance their digital presence to more effectively engage the community, boost support, and streamline access to performance and ticket information. The project goals centered on improving user experience, integrating essential tools like Salesforce and Patron for ticketing, and ensuring that content could be more easily updated by busy staff.

Client Solution

DatAchieve Digital worked with the MSO and website stakeholders on a comprehensive redevelopment of the site using WordPress to allow for easier content management by non-technical staff. The new site features a more visually engaging homepage that highlights upcoming shows and supports strategic initiatives like donations and education, streamlined navigation, and advanced search capabilities.

Orchestrating Success

The Maryland Symphony Orchestra project started with comprehensive questionnaires for site administrators and stakeholders, alongside visitor surveys, to better understand their needs and define the project requirements. We used heat mapping tools to analyze how users interacted with the site, identifying usability issues and guiding our UX/UI design approach. Additionally, a thorough site audit was performed, helping to identifying elements that required updating or removal to enhance the site's overall effectiveness and alignment with MSO’s goals. Redevelopment resulted in a transformative website that not only meets the functional needs of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra but also significantly enhances the user experience, driving engagement and supporting the MSO's community-oriented goals. The site will soon include integration of 'View From Your Seat' features offering ticket buyers an opportunity to see a 360-degree view from their selected seat prior to visiting a performance.

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