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According to United Nations estimates for 2018, over 25.4 million refugees around the globe have fled their homes to escape violence and persecution. The Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium (CLCC) works to provide educational resources to these displaced communities through advocacy, the development of standards and guidelines, and digital learning resources.

Client Needs

The CLCC launched the website as a static information hub for international educational programs in 2017. The organization needed to expand the site to include an interactive clearinghouse or Playbook, that could enable members and the public to share information and resources online.

Client Solution

DatAchieve worked with CLCC its stakeholders around the world to develop a new website that includes an interactive repository of stories and case studies, a custom dashboard to manage the submission of content, and research tools that enable members to search, filter, and save information.

DatAchieve was essential not only for keeping the project on track, but most importantly for being able to entrust its multiple dimensions of it to an expert team that understood how to balance needs and speed, how to bring together diverse opinions on the final product, and how to ensure the highest level of quality. On behalf of the CLCC I would like to thank Norma Kolson and her team at DatAchieve for the outstanding work they performed and strongly recommend this company to any potential future client.
The Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium
A Support Hub for Displaced Studens

The CLCC provides educational resources and support to refugees around the world. DatAchieve Digital worked with CLCC to develop a new website, including an interactive clearinghouse that could enable members and the public to share information and resources online.

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